Come to Spain to enjoy while we work on your oral health

It was never that easy

Oral health is expensive. But people don’t pay the same everywhere. 

UK has one of the highest salaries average in Europe. Hence, services are expensive too.

But think about this. Image a place where the medical conditions are even higher, one of the best national health systems all around the world, a very well trained staff, high quality equipment… and also a place where the sun is always out. Some of the best beaches in Europe, a large coastal protected area, wild and isolated landscape with some of Europe’s oldest geological features, plenty of hotels, “bares” and “tapas”.

Now, think of being here while we take care of your oral health. 

With more than 3.000 hours of sun and an average temperature of 19º through the year Almeria is a city where you will both enjoy and learn about Spanish culture, including the second largest Muslim fortress in Andalusia after La Alhambra. 

It was never that easy to come here with the “International Airport of Almería”, moving more than 1 milion passengers a year, at 10 minutes to the city centre and daily flights from all of UK & Ireland.

(Flights may vary depending on time of the year and day of the week).

Belfast (

Birmingham (

Birmingham (Tui)

Bristol (Tui)

Dublin (Ryanair)

East Midlands (

Glasgow (

London Gatwick (Easyjet)

London Gatwick (British Airways)

London Gatwick (Tui)

London Stansted (

London Stansted (Ryanair)

Manchester (

Manchester (Ryanair)

Manchester (

And what about staying here?
There are around 150 hoteles in Almeria from 1 to 5 stars. You just have to tell us what you are looking for. 

City centre?

Swimming pool?

We will help you with the booking giving you advises for your commodity.  

Just a few steps

  • Message us
  • We will contact you to know your enquirys
  • The dentist will give you his opinion
  • Flight organization