Our beggining, present and future

At Dental Clinic Axis we have a clear mission: to offer you a completely customized and exclusive dental service. We put before you a whole medical team, specialized in the different branches of dentistry, with the firm objective of offering you the best dental treatments, based on personalized attention and honesty.

The  Dental Clinic Axis was born within the most familiar environment. Our dental center is the fruit of Ricardo and Raquel’s passion. With a clear idea in mind, backed by perfection and personalization, we founded our clinic, which makes a difference at all times.

Axis is a different dental clinic in Almería. We are committed to constant training and offer state-of-the-art dental treatments. Our goal is to make you feel at home, while improving your oral health and aesthetics. We have incorporated the most cutting-edge and avant-garde technological advances, in order to offer you a friendly and pleasant place, in which to carry out any dental process you need.


At our dental clinic in Almería you will find professionals with a lot of experience in the sector. The knowledge acquired over those years allows us to make accurate diagnoses and optimally apply all the treatments that are necessary for the oral health care of our patients.

Personalized service

Each patient is unique. Each smile is unique. Each of our patients is fully personalized. We carry out a complete history and all the necessary diagnostic tests in order to offer you a treatment completely adjusted to your particular circumstances.


We use the most innovative dental treatments. Our professionals are committed to continuous training and research into new techniques that allow us to offer even better results. Likewise, we invest many resources in acquiring the best devices and materials on the market.