Think about the fantastic holiday you can have in Almería

whilst we help you achieve your dream smile.

Spain has become an increasingly popular travel destination for Europeans engaging in medical and dental tourism. This can be attributed to many reasons including cost, medical expertise, and the experience of getting to know one of the world’s most beautiful continental countries. With so many reasons and factors to consider, however, it’s hard to know which aspects are most relevant and what you should really be looking for when choosing a destination for medical tourism.

Here, we’ll point out the top 5 reasons why Spain is the best destination for dental tourism.

Most of those doctors and their assistants speak English at an advanced conversational level. Moreover, Spain is home to multiple accredited clinics, and many doctors have training, certifications and experience abroad.

The quality of dental work in Spain meets or exceeds the standard of dental care in many other countries. While some countries can’t claim the same quality dental care standards, Spanish clinics often boast accreditations from international organizations in order to cater to foreign patients.

Clínica Dental AXIS boasts some of the most demanding accreditations, and yet we continue to pursue excellence by staying up-to-date with the latest in global technology and medical procedures.

If you live in Europe, traveling to Almería is relatively quick and simple. The average duration of a flight to the city is 2 to 3 hours. Chances are that it is not too far from your hometown, so planning and packing for the trip is a simple task. For many first time foreign travelers, it’s important the location they choose for dental services is both nearby and easy to get to, Almería fits the bill on both accounts.

On the other hand, Clínica Dental AXIS is committed to your safe travel to and from Spain. We’ll even help you select a nearby hotel to fit your budget and offer recommendations on things to do for fun, upon request. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible and will accompany you every step of the way during your dental treatment.

With the price of dental care on the rise and an often difficult economy, the cost of dental care is likely the main reason that patients choose Almería as one of the best places to undergo dental procedures as dental tourism patients.

With almost 50 percent of the British population avoiding dental care because of the prohibitive cost, it is no wonder that more and more people are becoming dental tourists. By traveling here, you can both save money and receive high quality dental care in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

We as doctors often see patients struggling with their visits to the dentist at their hometowns because it’s either boring or they just don’t like the experience. But imagine having a vacation after a successful cosmetic dentistry procedure. It’s basically the perfect time to show the world your new beautiful smile… One of the most incredible benefits of having medical procedures done in Almería is that this region is a paradise of nature full of adventures and things to explore. Once you come to Almería for any reason, you’re already vacationing because you are in a tropical paradise.

Whether you are looking for a cosmetic dental treatment, an all-on-4 or all-on-6 dental implant or require a full mouth reconstruction, Clínica Dental AXIS is the best reason to travel to Almería and become a dental tourist.